Jun 13, 2014

Our Nursery Practice and Environment


At Prospect House Day Nursery we believe that in order to facilitate children’s learning and development we have to organise the space in which they play and learn in needs to be organised into clearly defined areas of provision, so that both adults and children understand what happens there. This is why since our recent refurbishment we have created areas for sand, water, creative workshop, painting, malleable materials such as play dough and clay, large and small construction, mark making, role play, books, maths, science, music and ICT. Each area leads seamlessly into other areas in order to create a natural flow around the room, hence the term ‘free-flow’.

Now that our provision is in place, the staff are starting to develop the resources to enhance the provision. For example the role play area has a variety of domestic equipment, but in response to the children’s in hospitals for instance, the staff may then add bandages, charts and thermometers to the provision.

Our staff carefully plan activities that will build upon children’s existing knowledge, skills and interests that  they demonstrate in their play, allowing staff to introduce new vocabulary, concepts and skills.
We have a culture of ongoing training for our staff team to ensure that their practice continually improves and is kept up to date.