We hope you'll find these comments about our nursery useful ...

My son Archie has attended this nursery since he was 10 months old. He is now nearly 5 and he attends 5 days a week 8am till 5.30pm. He has developed amazing relationships with all members of staff especially Sam. They have encouraged him to play nicely with all other ages and genders of children and have taught him the correct way to behave and have disciplined when necessary. He loves all activities including role play, arts, singing and the smart board. His development is above average and communication between the staff and myself has ensured he has continued to develop successfully in the areas he feels are difficult.

- Georgina

"My little one initially struggled to settle in, as this was her first nursery experience. She struggled making friends and with the nursery dinners but as soon as I addressed my concerns to the nursery team, they all worked together to ensure that she settled in. Special activities were designed arround her to make her feel welcome. She is now the happiest little girl, she looks forward to going to nursery - even on weekends she gets up ready to go in. I would like to thank you all at Prospect House for making every day such an amazing experience for her! Thank you."

- Sue

"I have never had any worries leaving my daughter who has been attending since she was 1 years old. She has always had quality attention from the staff and loves going to nursery especially now she is a little older. The staff are always happy and friendly."

- Rachel


"Both my children have gone to this nursery.  My eldest is now 7 and a half and my youngest is nearly 3. They both loved the nursery very much and James my eldest still says how lovely Sarah is.

Ethan who still goes to the nursery took a little longer to settle in but all the staff went out of their way to help him and make him feel welcome. He looks forward to going every week now and likes interacting with the other children. The new equipment is amazing and gives a fresh look to the nursery. I am happy and confident that Ethan is well looked after and is learning new things all the time. Thanks very much for looking after him."

- Tanya

"Prospect House Day Nursery have been brilliant. My son is so happy here and all of the staff are really lovely, very approachable and trustworthy. I'm so pleased that we have chosen you, as I've noticed his development has come on leaps and bounds, and he is always smiling whenever I see him when I pick him up."

- Leighanne

"After looking at a few different nurseries, I realised that Prospect House was well positioned, well furnished, and the staff are all really lovely. My baby is still currently in the baby room, and she LOVES it. They encourage messy play, so she gets to play with water, porridge, paint, flour, and all sorts of things, which she absolutely loves. To be honest, it is stuff that I would not be doing at home so it is great that she gets the chance to experiment. She has a key worker who she is more than happy to go to everyday, and Amy has been taking a nice catalogue of photos from when she started up until now …… and it is really nice to see what she gets up to. They get 3 meals a day, and it is open the longest of all the nurseries I saw. There are four rooms for varied ages, although the babies and toddlers combine in the mornings and occasionally in the afternoon. The rooms themselves are massive and stacked with toys and entertainment.

In terms of location, it is pretty isolated in a business park, so less worry about strangers trying to enter the building. Alll in all, I am really really happy with the nursery and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. It’s a peace of mind that my baby loves to go, and that I can get on with work without concern."

- Rebecca